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a surprising way we make leather handbags more ethical

Posted by Crystalyn Brennan on

In the spirit of my first collection of bags beginning 17 years ago, that were made from vintage plaid wool pants, this Fall I have added rescued leather to my collection.  I see this as the next step in reducing waste and taking advantage of rare high-grade Italian leather in a responsible manner.
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We are hiring! Call for Fall Interns!

Posted by Crystalyn Brennan on

Come work with us!

We are currently accepting applications for Interns for Fall 2018!  If you are a student currently enrolled at a college or university and seeking a for-credit internship in the following areas, we'd love to hear from you! 

As an intern with Crystalyn Kae, you will gain first-hand experience at how we run our small (but growing) company. There will be no coffee-fetching here!  So be ready to dig in, contribute and learn! 

Interns receive:

  • Meal stipend and Metrocard
    • Hands-on mentoring
      • Workshops and seminars hosted by BF+DA
      • A generous discount on Crystalyn Kae merchandise 
      • College credit (if needed)

      (Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis, and must be available for a minimum of 3 months.) 

        Apply HERE! 


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      debunking leather myths and eating my way through italy

      Posted by Crystalyn Brennan on

      All too often claims are thrown around when condemning the use of leather:

      "Leather is a byproduct of the meat industry

      “Cows are killed for leather”

      leather tanning is toxic for the enviroment

      "vegan leather is more eco-friendly than leather"

      Being a materials-driven designer, I grapple with the balance of creating with beautiful yet durable materials in a sustainable factor.   I have been quite outspoken on this issue, as I don’t think it’s a completely black and white answer when it comes to whether a material is eco-friendly.  

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      Interview: How upcycling can change the environmental impact of the fashion industry

      Posted by Crystalyn Brennan on

      All of the products we consume make an impact on the environment. We cannot fight the nature of consumption and our exponentially growing population. How, where, and with what materials things are made determine just how much of an impact a product's lifecycle can create.
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      Our Spring 18 Look Book featuring Meg Shop!

      Posted by Crystalyn Brennan on

      Today, Franny is helping me today in the studio, for a Spring photoshoot with one of my dream stores: Meg shops! I couldn't be more pumped to work with this indie label . . .and I recently found out that we share a common start-up story: we BOTH started our businesses at the tender age 👶 of 22 and lived in the back of our shops. 🏪 

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      Crystalyn Kae Brennan Crystalyn is a handbag designer in Brooklyn, NY. Her sustainable luxury handbags are made in USA with ethically-sourced leather and unique vintage fabrics. Read more »

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