Top 5 brands to guide you in finding a sustainably chic wedding outfit!

Top 5 brands to guide you in finding a sustainably chic wedding outfit!

*Cue the drumroll...* WEDDINGS ARE BACK!

With the world opening back up again, weddings are finally making a COMEBACK! Chances are you or someone you know had to reschedule, rebook, and then reschedule two more times to finally have their special day. (Crazy right!) Weddings can be stressful for everyone involved, on top of the battle between the pandemic and engaged couples itching for their big day, and then of course- finding the perfect look. As guests going to support the soon-to-be newlyweds, couples have been anxiously waiting for this big day as well. We're here to help minimize the stress of the question “What do I possibly wear to a wedding?” to help make preparing for the big day a whole lot easier!

Staying sustainable when it comes to purchasing the perfect outfit is a crucial component of choosing the look you want to celebrate the special day in. Don’t worry though, we have got you covered with the top five sustainable US fashion brands to wear to all the weddings coming up! (My guess, it’s probably a long list!)

The must-have brands to wear for sustainable wedding style...

1. Crystalyn Kae (OF COURSE!)

    A unique small bags or clutch is a NECESSITY when attending a wedding, and here at Crystalyn Kae, we have an array of sustainable and chic bags to choose from. For the past 20 years now, we have been creating ethical and durable bags made from reclaimed materials here in the USA. We practice upcycling all of our materials such as leather, and reuscue vintage fabrics to turn them into original, one-of-a-kind bags. Many customers love bringing our large and small valet pouches with them on this special day or have used our clutches such as our double envelope clutch! Our pouches store all of the essentials and more you would need to bring with you to have a worry-free night while creating lifelong memories! 


     2. Beyond Skin- Designer Vegan Shoes and Boots.

          Beyond Skin was founded in 2001, with an emphasis on creating a brand filled with cruelty-free shoes and boots that are created with sustainable materials. Seeing as their shoes are made with sustainability, they are also the perfect shoe to dance the night away on this memorable night! Shine bright with the Celia Yellow Faux Leather Vegan Heels or take a bold, classical approach with the Cleo Black Vegan Patent Leather loafers!



    3. Mishkaudi

      Mishkaudi was created back in 2010 by a woman entrepreneur, Marissa Lewis. Her jewelry is founded on being affordable, positive and unique! Her jewelry focuses on cherishing the bohemian, free spirit in every woman. Fun fact- She is also another Washington native, located in Spokane, WA! Her pieces are nothing less of intricate and beautiful to wear to any wedding that’s on your list. Her stylish Anieda Earrings make for the perfect accessory, that are sustainably created with vegan leather!

      4. Brave Gentleman

      We women always show up in style, but if we are bringing a special guy as our plus one, they of course will need the perfect outfit! Brave Gentlemen was founded in 2010 by Joshua Katcher and made history with becoming the first vegan lifestyle menswear brand in the world. Brave Gentleman participates in a slow-fashion production model, and practices sustainable innovation, superior vegan materials, ethical labor, and classic styles made with quality. Your plus-one gent can have a special made-to-order suit or purchase one of the intricate jackets already made for this special night!


       5. Whimsy + Row

            Whismy + Row makes it a lot easier to find your favorite dress that you’ll be sure to wear to every wedding you are celebrating! Whismy + Row was founded in 2014, that built an eco-conscious foundation that provides effortless elegance for the modern, sustainable woman. Their wedding collection is filled with flawless, elegant pieces that have an array of options that use biodegradable fabric, and organic materials, such as Cupro and more. Check out their Lola Wrap Dress in Hunter Green that is breathable, and lightweight, yet classy and elegant.

       Check out these sustainable wedding accessories all together!






      Which wedding look is your favorite? 

      With all of these sustainable, and stylish options, finding the perfect look for your long list of weddings will be a seamless, worry-free time! 





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