Large Valet Pouch made in USA

Large Valet Pouch Wristlet

Large Valet Pouch fits a large iPhone
      Large Valet Puch Wristlets will effortlessly fit your largest phone, checkbook, keys, and more inside this handy wristlet with zipper closure! Making it super easy to carry everything you need for a date night, summer stroll in the park, or as an organizer inside a bigger bag when traveling.
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      I absolutely LOVE this bag! Thank you!

      Las Vegas, NV

      I absolutely love this clutch and have it in several colors. It is the perfect size to carry exactly what you need to run errands or to go out for the evening. It is soft and luxurious, chic and fab. My favorite clutch in my closet. Fantastic craftsmanship. I love it.

      Cathy P
      Seattle, WA

      Awesome customer service and even better purses! Crystalyn makes a super-high quality product, unique, beautiful items.

      Chandler, AZ

      I ordered this pouch with a long cross-body strap instead of the wristlet. I love it as it's the perfect size for most occasions. This clutch was a perfect size and I'm delighted you accepted my custom request.

      Menlo Park, CA

      Gorgeous clutch! Impeccable style and craftsmanship. Fabulous!

      San Francisco, CA

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