Machine Washable Bags and purses made in USA

Machine Washable Bags and purses made in USA

What is Coated Canvas?

Our glaze coated canvas is made of a woven cotton/polyester, which is coated with a very thin durable coating of colored glaze. and then embossed with heated rollers to give it a waterproof shine, and stretched to give it a subtle leather-grain look. 

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Benefits of Coated Canvas

1. lighter weight on your shoulders

2. Durable & scratch resistant: bags can stand up to almost anything 

3. Coating won't peel or flake off like PU (polyurethane) bags

4. Rain-proof, stain-resistant and machine-washable

5. Suitable for vegans

How to wash your bag

1. Remove contents

2. Turn inside-out

3. Throw in washing machine

4. Hang dry.

It's seriously that easy, but read on if you need some more info.

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      A clean handbag is a happy handbag! Thorough cleaning of your handbag  (particularly in the washing machine) can help preserve its shape and look for years to come.  Shop our selection of water-resistant and machine washable handbags below that are made in our Seattle, USA workshop.

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