How should you really wash a vegan handbag?

How should you really wash a vegan handbag?

Spilling something in your bag or finding a mysterious looking stain on it - it can happen to anyone. Luckily with our Glazed Fabric bags, there's also a way to get your bag clean again.

People often ask: "Can I wash my leather bag in the washing machine?", "Is it safe to put my leather bag in the washing machine?", "Is my purse able to be washed in a washing machine without being damaged?", "Is this leather purse suitable for washing in a washing machine?", "Can my purse be machine washed?", "Which are the best machine washable bags?", "Is it OK to machine wash my leather bag?". Let's find out and go over all the steps one-by-one.

How to Wash a vegan leather bag?

When it comes to bags - if its a light colored bag, in general it probably needs to be cleaned more often. If your bag is made from vegan leather like most of the CrystalynKae types including: Mini Troubadour toteXL Weekender Troubadour toteMetier toteBossa Nova Crossbody bag, and a Small Valet pouch, then it's also washing machine safe and launderable!

How to clean my vegan leather purse?

1. PREPARE: To make your cleaning procedure run smoothly, gather all the supplies you need: 

Prepare and collect everything you need

We recommend: rubbing alcohol, Folex carpet spray, vinegar, laundry soap, vacuum hand attachment, old toothbrush, laundry bag (or old pillowcase and safety pins)

How to make my bag suitable for washing in a washing machine?

2. REMOVE THE CONTENTS: To make it easier use a vacuum and thoroughly suction out crevices to remove all loose crumbles, debris and hair.

Remove all the loose crumble using a vacuum

What do to with stubborn stains on my bag?

3. PRE-TREAT THE STUBBORN STAINS: If your bag has ink stains, follow the steps in the next section (below) first.
Then, fully saturate any stains with Folex carpet spray and let fully absorb, then blot. Repeat for stubborn stains.

Use carpet spray to remove the stubborn stains

How to put my bag in the washing machine?

4. PUT YOUR BAG IN THE WASHING MACHINE: Enclose your bag inside a zippered mesh laundry bag, or use an old pillowcase and close with safety pins.
Add a tablespoon of laundry detergent, and a cup of vinegar to the washer. Wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Then hang dry, do not put in the dryer.

Enclose your bag inside an old pillowcase and put your bag in the washing machine


Follow these easy steps and worry no more about all of those spills and accidents! 

Here's the whole process step-by-step again.

Now that your bag is neat and clean again, make sure you repeat this procedure whenever you need to.  


And don't forget to treat your bag well, since prevention is always the best option to make sure your bag will last a long time!


Did you know that all Crystalyn Kae bags are made in the USA? Read about the bag making process here.


  • Amanda

    Thanks for the informative post! I finally decided it was time for my bag to be washed in the washing machine. These steps were so easy to follow and now my XL Weekender looks flawless! I love my washable leather purse!

  • Jackie M

    When I purchased my bag from Crystalyn Kae, I loved the washable feature. I’ve tried washing my Mini Troubadour tote before, but I always feared I was doing it incorrectly. This post is so helpful and has made my worries disappear! I feel so much more confident knowing that it truly is safe to put my CK bag in the washing machine!

  • Genevieve

    This is so helpful! I have been scared to clean my CK bags but now that I know how to do it safely, it’s time!

  • Kate S

    I love the laid-out image and the detailed explanation about how to wash my vegan handbag. The “Remove the contents” step is always such a valuable reminder! I’ve already managed to wash money and candies, when not checking all the pockets in my children’s jeans.

  • Irene

    Wow, truly, these images and explanations are so helpful! I remember reading about the washing possibility but still felt intimidated. I mean just throwing my vegan handbag into a washing machine seems a bit scary. Now I’m ready to do it when my beautiful Metier tote gets dirty! Thanks for the article!

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