Crystalyn Kae vegan leather bags are made in the USA

Purses made in the USA

The Details That Make Your Crystalyn Kae Bag the High Quality You Know and Love


When talking to Crystalyn about her brand Crystalyn Kae Accessories, we came to the fascinating topic of the importance and purpose of advertising “Made in the USA” and what exactly it means to her.
Crystalyn Kae vegan and vintage leather bags

What does Bags made in USA mean for you?

“It's not just about being like, rah, rah USA” she describes, "American manufactured" is about the importance of ensuring everything is produced to high standards of quality and maintaining her specific detailed designs.”


“There are a lot of details in designing that get lost in translation or details get overlooked, when sending designs to factories overseas."

- Crystalyn Kae 


Why to prefer local purse manufacturers?

“There are a lot of things in designing that get lost in translation and details overlooked, when sending designs or technical drawings to factories overseas. They'll make it, but what you're missing is hands-on control of the materials they use. When you manufacture overseas, you let them choose the leather, thread . . .everything. So there are inevitably variances on quality. So even if it is the most exceptional cool technical drawing, they may completely miss the mark on the bag being functional, because no one is ensuring the dimensions will fit the devices you need? Does this purse fit your phone? Does the zipper of this bag go all the way to the end? In short, is it going to be a practical and long-lasting handbag?”

These are all details that Crystalyn Kae prioritizes. Whether it's evolving bags to fit the newest iPhone or the 13’’ MacBook or other new tech products. Spending time curating her vintage fabrics is something she is able to do thanks to local purse manufacturers exclusively within the USA. And that’s why it’s especially important to Crystalyn to have her bags manufactured in the United States.


What makes handcrafted purses durable?

“There's a thoughtfulness that kind of disappears when you aren't personally overseeing the production. Sure, maybe I am kind of a control freak. But when I'm creating bags in small batches, I feel the need to be the one making it, or at the very least managing the people that make it. Having 20+ years in the bag-making industry under my belt, I know each fabric is a little bit different. I might have to interface the material or I might have to coat the fabric with something, or serge the edges. So the handcrafted purses made with vintage fabric won't unravel or fall apart. Things like that are what I pay attention to when being in the role of a bag manufacturer.
Crystalyn Kae stacking fabric in the studio
Making bags in the USA also allows me to be more playful and creative with the fabric I use.
Some of the vintage and upcycled fabrics for unique handbags come from Fabscrap, which is a company in New York that takes back fabrics from designers that don't get used. Sometimes it's a test color, sometimes leftover inventory, sometimes just leather scraps. It’s a great resource for making upcycled purses.

“There are so many things behind the scenes that I do specifically to ensure your bag is the finest quality: like taking the time to interface the fabric you love so it’s sturdier and guaranteed to last a long time."

- Crystalyn Kae 


How to create sustainable recycled leather bags?

When buying fabric pieces from Fabscrap, you never know how big the fabric pieces are. And that's kind of where I have to get creative with how I am going to use this one piece of fabric? Can I use it as a pocket? Or can it be a pouch, or do I even have enough to do that? But Fabscrap is a great resource because it's kind of an ongoing supply. And our customers appreciate the sustainability aspect when buying our recycled leather bags.


Crystalyn Kae label 

It’s clear that the customer really does come first to Crystalyn. There are so many things behind the scenes that she does specifically to ensure your bag is the finest quality, like taking the time to interface the fabric you love so it’s sturdier and guaranteed to meet your needs. The goal is to produce quality handbags, each handmade from unique fabrics with love. Since sustainability has always been a high priority for Crystalyn Kae bags, there are often limited-edition bags.

Important details for creating purse aesthetics

“In the US, it's tricky to find someone that can make non-clothing items. It's actually really hard to find bag makers because of the enormous amount of industrial sewing machines and equipment needed to create high-quality bags. You need a special machine that will handle material thickness.

There are so many little specific tools that are so important for constructing the bags efficiently that have to be custom made. Whether these are laptop tote bags for women, leather purses for women, crossbody bags, pouches, or just vegan leather bags for women. The dies made in New York are the correct shape to cut out the pattern pieces of leather. These details are important for the purse aesthetics. So the customer would receive a perfectly made bag with adjustable straps, transitioning smoothly from a pretty daytime bag to a stylish nighttime bag.

 Crystalyn Kae bag making studio

“American made” and the sustainability mission

“Made in America”, "created in the US" or “all american” also upholds the mission of sustainability, as you can trust that your order isn’t being shipped all over the world on planes and ships before making it to your doorstep.


  • Carla

    I’ve been searching for a high-quality tote bag made in America for ages, and I struck gold with your site! I landed on this blog post and after reading I was sold. I just wanted to let you know that I just ordered a Metier Tote!! So excited to become a part of the Crystalyn Kae community! I can’t wait to receive my beautiful tote!

  • Jessica P

    Thanks for sharing a bit about where you get your fabric from! Fabscrap sounds so interesting, and I’d love to learn more. The fabric you use is so beautiful and unique, but the fact that you only offer American manufactured bags is the icing on the cake! I need to share your brand with my sister. She’d absolutely love your all American vegan leather bags!

  • Linda

    I was searching for an American made purse, and my friend recommended I check out Crystalyn Kae. I always love supporting a woman-owned business too! I purchased a hobo bag and was absolutely astounded by the amazing craftsmanship. It’s so rare to find such a high-quality bag with adjustable straps like this. It’s wonderful to be able to see a woman as dedicated as you! Your passion truly shines through in your work. You truly care about your customers, the environment, and designing high-quality bags. I’ll definitely be sharing this post to my friends!

  • Sam

    Yes! reading this made me smile and nod along – I can totally relate to being a control freak! haha, It’s also important for me to personally oversee my own production! And as a creator myself I know the feeling – each fabric is indeed always a little different. I love that your priority is to create high-quality and durable bags and as a long-time customer of Crystalyn Kae bags, I can sure say that my Hobo bag has seen it all and still looks and feels fabulous! Zipper works perfectly and nothing has unraveled or fallen apart! Thank you for sharing your passion with us!

  • Lexie

    Amazing, I love how much you pay attention to details and added that American manufactured for you means that everything will be produced to high standards of quality to maintain its specific designs.
    It’s also very inspiring to read, how your goal is to produce quality handbags from unique fabrics and you’re even adding love to your bags! How cute!
    Sustainability has always been very important to me and I’m so glad our values match! I already have my eye on few limited-edition bags from vintage fabrics and I will definitely make my order soon!

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