Sustainable, Durable and Ethical Made in USA handbags

Our guiding light at Crystalyn Kae is: "best available, least impactful". Our environmental consideration is as important as our social and economic discussion: how our designs are born, where they're made and who makes them is part of the human experience. We are proud of how we run our business and want to be transparent with our manufacturing process.


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Made in USA  

ALL of our handbags and accessories are ethically-designed and made in the USA.  Our design studio and workshop is located in Seattle, WA. We work closely with vendors in the Garment Center of New York City and Seattle,WA . Learn more about our sustainable design process for our handbags.  

Upcycled Materials

We strongly believe in giving vintage fabrics and reclaimed leather a new life. We prioritize using these treasures to create original, long lasting and timeless products. By using upcycled materials, we are cutting down on energy and resources to make new materials, and are significantly reducing waste that would be destined for the landfill. On some of our designs, we incorporate high-grade rescued leather, reducing the ecological impact of traditional leather production. 

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Vegan Handbags

For vegans and vegetarians, we create vegan bags which are made from a water-resistant, machine-washable, glaze coated canvas that develops a luxurious leather-like patina over time. We begin with a woven cotton/polyester canvas as a base, and then add a very thin durable coating of colored glaze. This glaze sinks into the fiber and allows it to develop a leather-like patina over time. By offering a cruelty-free durable alternative to leather, we provide a durable and long-lasting bag that surpasses the quality of most vegan bags available anywhere.

Our glazed fabric is water resistant and is built to effortlessly repel the wet elements. In fact, you can also machine wash all of our glazed fabric bags, then hang dry. By washing your bag, it extends the life of the usability of the bag.

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Limited-Edition Handbags


We curate a collection textiles and materials that you cannot find anywhere else. We are very conscious about that selection: rescuing rare materials from becoming waste. Our limited edition bags are made from the dead-stock materials and fabrics that we source primarily from New York City's Garment Center. Our true thoughtful selection process equals a truly unique bag, featuring a fabric that is immortalized forever.

Quality Guarantee

We make bags that last for many years. However, should the unthinkable happen to your bag, we're here to help. 

For the first year, we will repair your bag free of charge if any defect is found.  Then anytime during the life of your bag thereafter, we will replace or repair hardware, straps, and zippers for the cost of parts and labor.

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