Our Bags have a Lifetime Guarantee

Crystalyn Kae offers a lifetime guarantee

Crystalyn Kae bags offer a lifetime guarantee.  All are handmade in our Seattle and NYC workshops where Crystalyn takes great pride in overseeing each bag. We make quality, reliable bags that fit into your lifestyle.

Our Quality Commitment

We feature high-quality sustainable materials. We source our materials from NY's own garment district and beyond. Our hardware will ride with you and your squad wherever life takes you.

Zippers & Hardware

We use quality, road-tested hardware to keep the contents of your bag safe and sound.

Vintage Fabrics

With partners like FabScrap, we source rare and vintage fabrics to cut down garment waste.


We build bags to last. Should the unthinkable happen to your bag, we're here to help. 

We will replace or repair hardware, straps, and zippers for the cost of parts and labor for the life of your bag.

What We're Made Of

In addition to quality craftsmanship, our materials are always:


Learn what types of fabrics may contain lead and how to find lead-free handbags.

Recycled Leather

Dive into the world of recycled leather and the nuances of cruelty-free.

Sustainably Sourced

Check out what makes Crystalyn’s bags sustainable, vegan, and good for our planet.

How to Clean Our Bags

Spots and stains are a part of life. You may be wondering how to keep your bag looking its best without damaging the special qualities of a Crystalyn Kae bag. Here are all the deets.

How to Machine-Wash Glazed Fabric Bags

Did you know you can throw your bags in the washing machine? Check out this tutorial for the down-low.

How to Safely Spot-Clean Your Handbag 

You don’t have to fret over a  fresh stain on your glazed fabric — never fear, the instructions are here.

How to Remove Ink Stains From Inside Your Bag

Ink stains from your favorite set of Tombows shouldn’t deter you from keeping the interior of your bag clean.


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