Repair - Zipper replacement

Although our bags are built to last - Even the best things in life sometimes need a little love.  If your bag has exceeded it's 1 year warranty and your zipper has reached the end of it's life - don't throw your bag away.  We can replace the zipper! We applaud you for choosing an option that is kinder for the planet.

Purchase this listing, to alert us that it's en route. Then:

Wash your bag  (we will NOT accept unwashed bags for repair. Unwashed bags will be returned at the owners expense):

    1. Empty the contents of the bag - check all the pockets.  We cannot be held responsible for items left inside of bags.
    2. Pull the lining to the outside.
    3. Vacuum out the inside bottom lining - this is where all the gunk collects and is the entry point that we will need to access to open your bag and repair it.
    4. Add a tablespoon of laundry soap to the washer.
    5. Throw your bag in the washing machine on gentle cycle (yes, we promise you won't hurt it a bit!)
    6. Hang it to dry. (Do not put your bag in the dryer or dry-clean.)

Please ship your clean, dry bag to:

Crystalyn Kae att: Repairs

254 36th Street 

Suite C555, mailbox #77

Brooklyn, NY 11232-2401

Please allow 4-6 weeks for repairs.

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