Celebrating 23 years in business & Sustainable Strides

Celebrating 23 years in business & Sustainable Strides

This year marks a monumental 23rd anniversary for Crystalyn Kae Accessories! IIt's been a whirlwind of a year for me personally. I got married, embarked on a month-long honeymoon adventure, and even became a homeowner! Life is full of wonderful surprises, and these changes have brought a fresh perspective to both my personal life and Crystalyn Kae Accessories.

Speaking of, we've had some exciting developments on the business side, too! Remember that fabulous Fanny Pack launch last July? We followed it up with the stunning Boeing collection in September, and most importantly, we finally found a permanent home for our workshop!

This new space has allowed us to make some truly positive changes. We've implemented lean training and manufacturing efficiencies - thanks to the amazing folks at Impact WA! - that have not only streamlined our processes but have also allowed us to lower the price on some of your favorite bags, like the Cha Cha, Bossa Nova, Hobo Bag, and all three sizes of the Troubadour Tote.

Plus, owning our own space means less overhead costs. We're so thrilled to have a dedicated studio space to create in, and guess what? It's just a stone's throw away from the homes of two fantastic local artisans who help with production.

Staying true to our roots has always been important to us. Remember how we kept producing locally even during the tough times of COVID? We didn't want to cut ties with our amazing NYC team, and we're so grateful for the strong relationships we built. Now, with the move to Seattle, we've happily transitioned to 100% local production, saving on shipping costs and reducing our environmental footprint.

Speaking of summers, I'm making a change this year. After over two decades of sacrificing my weekends for shows, craft show fatigue is real and honestly they  just aren't what they used to be.  I'm choosing to soak up the magic of Seattle summers.  Imagine me, working in my yard filled with fruit trees and veggies, or renovating the inside of our new home. Sounds pretty idyllic, right? After two decades in business, I feel like I've earned it! 

Now, onto the most important part: you, our incredible fans! This all-woman team of four wouldn't be here without your unwavering support. You're not just customers, you're part of the Crystalyn Kae family.

If you're reading this, it means you're been a loyal champion for our 23 years. Here's how you can help us reach a new generation who shares our love for longevity, vintage flair, and sustainable practices, but who might not be found at the local craft fairs anymore.

  • Tell a friend about our sustainable style and vintage flair!
  • Write a review on Google
  • Tag a friend or share our posts and help us find 100 new fans who love eco-conscious fashion!
  • Join the fun online and subscribe to our YouTube channel!
  • Are you a whiz at Google Ads and online marketing? We might just need your magic, so please get in touch

The future is bright for Crystalyn Kae. We're already dreaming up new creations like cozy pillows, stylish wallets, and a charming French collection incorporating fabrics found at a flea market during Crystalyn’s honeymoon in France. Stay tuned, and thanks for being part of this amazing story!

With love and gratitude,

Crystalyn, Allison, Jess and Ivy

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  • Mary Noe

    Congratulations Crystalynn! As you know, I have about six of your bags. I have been a very early customer and still use your bags every day. Here’s to continued success!

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