Visit Crystalyn Kae's handbag workshop in Seattle

Visit Crystalyn Kae's handbag workshop in Seattle

Visit behind the scenes at our small handbag workshop, where you can come see us in action: making our bags and experience first-hand how we draft our patterns, cut our materials, sew the bags and set the hardware all on site.

All of our bags start and finish in our Seattle studio, where we also offer customizations and repairs of our bags.

You can also shop for bags, and score a deal on our factory seconds.

How is a handbag made?

For nearly 20 years, Crystalyn Kae has created original handcrafted bags and accessories made from ethically­ sourced and reclaimed materials here in the USA. The goal has always been to create durable and long-lasting bags from luxurious materials. Building a sustainably conscious brand has been the driving force for Crystalyn. Especially when sourcing unique, high quality fabrics to make limited edition bags. Purses that have the ability to transition comfortably from a pretty daytime bag to a stylish nighttime bag.

We love showing videos and glimpses from our bag making process and behind-the-scenes images on Crystalyn Kae Instagram account. Here's a good example how the work process can look like.

Did you know you can also book a virtual appointment?

With COVID variants blowing up, virtual appointments will be more desired than ever. Book a time in our calendar and you will have a chance to see the bags you are interested in, from any side. Not to mention ask specific questions about its pockets, zipper, material etc.


Appointments are available both for virtual and in person appointments. Click below and choose your time.

Do you accept credit cards at your workshop?

Yes! In addition to cold, hard cash, we also accept credit cards! You can purchase with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


Leave a comment and let us know if you've visited Crystalyn Kae studio space already or attended our patio sale!

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