Take a patchwork bag class: Turning scraps into a night of fun with friends! 🤩

Take a patchwork bag class: Turning scraps into a night of fun with friends! 🤩

Last Friday I had 3 of my beloved customers come to the workshop to play with the scraps! 

A creative team event to make handbags

It all started back in April when I decided to create an engaging event for my team. We landed on the idea of creating custom patchwork, where everyone can play with different materials and we can inventively put our left over scrap leather pieces in good use. What came out from it was pure magic. We had a lovely time together and wow, I discovered my colleagues are undercover wizards when it comes to putting different colors and patterns together. 

Patchwork One-of-a-kind

Creating patchwork and One-of-a-kind bags

Patchwork bags One-of-a-kind

Each of them chose colors and fabrics that represented them best. Scraps we used came from either FabScrap or were our own leftovers from bag making.

As a result we created so many unique one-of-a-kind bags that we started selling them on our Instagram page on Wednesdays. Keep an eye out for #OneOfaKindWednesday deals. And check our website, there are still a few available under the search term "One of a kind".


Everyone wants to create patchwork handbags

Turns out I wasn't the only one excited about these eco-friendly, custom handmade bags. Multiple customers wrote in and said they love the playfulness.

And then one day another beloved customer reached out and asked if she and her girlfriends could come in to the workshop and play with the scraps themselves? Heck yeah!


Let's have fun with scraps!

I wasn’t sure what they will end up leaving with, and even how well will they manage in the workshop. It was my first time testing out this new format and all I can say no is: oh boy, I’m now eager to host more of these! 🤗


These three ladies did super well. They were so excited throughout the evening, and came up with the coolest patchwork designs! I helped them with sewing and answered all the questions, but if they felt up for it - they could do the sewing themselves as well. In the beginning of the evening they each chose which size of a scrap panel they would like to create. Then they left their patchwork panels to be turned into finished handbags by our team within 2 weeks.

Want to spend a fun afternoon with your friends doing patchwork?

Whether it's for a bachelorette party, quality time with your Mom, or something else.You can sign up here!



Take a look at how the evening played out in the following video: 


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