Ponyhair Collection

Ponyhair Collection


      Introducing Crystalyn Kae Ponyhair: truly unlike any other leather you’ve ever seen. It is unique, responsible, and sustainable: the perfect combination of style and substance.

      Where most leathers have been processed to strip away the fur, this ponyhair is harvested directly from the hide, sparing both time and effort while maintaining a genuine feeling. Not only is it an efficient way of utilizing hides that may be discarded otherwise – it’s also the more ethical choice for animal lovers everywhere. Plus, we at Crystalyn Kae double-down on our sustainable use of leather, by sourcing these materials from a non-profit company who rescues this leather from larger designers in New York's Garment center.
      This exceptionally luxurious leather takes sustainable fashion to the next level.

      This ponyhair has a look like no other. With its dazzling colors, subtle textures, and luxurious feel you won’t find anything quite like it on the market today. So express your individuality with our Crystalyn Kae Ponyhair collection and let your style speak for itself!

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