Troubadour Totes

Troubadour Totes

Troubadour bag comes in three different sizes. 

Mini Troubadour bag is a reliable daily bag, strong enough to carry all of your work gadgets, and beautifully designed to attend any after-work activity.

Medium Troubadour tote is the perfect work tote - this sturdy bag for your daily commute will fit your laptop, a book, your lunch, and a pair of shoes!

XL Troubadour Weekender Tote is a super-sized Troubadour bag that combines unique style and functionality to the highest level. Making it one less thing to worry about when packing up all your stuff for a weekend get-away.


What do people think about Crystalyn Kae bags?

I don't have to worry about 'babying' my bag

"The material is exceptionally smooth and attractive, and I don't have to worry about 'babying' it. My friend has one of the Troubadour's bags and she is SO hard on hers and it still looks great. I expect mine will too!"

Angela from Akron, OH Birmingham, AL

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