Of moss and magic: Handbags Inspired by Iceland's Breathtaking Landscapes

Of moss and magic: Handbags Inspired by Iceland's Breathtaking Landscapes

Our new Mossy Kingdom collection is here - and it’s just in time for the holiday season! Embrace the natural and the mystical this winter with sumptuous bags made with textured velvets, fern-embellished florals, and sophisticated, weather-proof tweeds - all in our signature silhouettes!

Inspired by Crystalyn’s honeymoon trip to Iceland, with its breathtaking scenery, moss-covered lava rock, mist-shrouded mountains, and chilling glacial streams, we are excited to unveil our latest collection! Fall in love with handbags that don't just carry your essentials - they’re artisanal, handcrafted pieces with a touch of serene beauty and otherworldly charm, making them a gorgeous and cozy companion for the upcoming winter season.

chenille green and yellow fabric

Lavish Textures Inspired by Iceland's Mystical Landscape

Iceland, a land of natural wonders, is where Crystalyn found her muse for this collection. From cascading waterfalls and moss-covered hills to the majesty of its creatures, we've channeled the essence of these Nordic wonders into each piece of this collection.

velet and green leather hobo

Mossy Enchantment

Our sumptuous velvet fabric captures the moss-covered hills of Iceland, where various moss species create a lush tapestry. The deep, rich colors and soft, plush texture call to mind the carpets of moss encountered in the Icelandic tundra. Each velvet bag is like carrying a piece of verdant, mossy hills with you everywhere you go, with a whisper of magic in its threads.

gold and rust velvet with leather cutting tool

Icelandic Tweed Wool

Our tweed wool pieces reflect the Icelandic lifestyle, with designs inspired by the nation's beloved sheep. Icelandic people who rely on these animals for their livelihood, our designs embrace the warmth and connection these fibers bring timelessness to every bag we make.

icelandic wool fabric for purses

Embracing Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability is as deep as Iceland's roots, and it resonates throughout our collection. Each fabric featured in our collection is a rescued textile, fabrics that would otherwise not see the light of day. We aim to bring each of these fabrics to life again as if by magic, inspired by the wanderlust of travel and the story of each bit of velvet, suede, and tweed, bringing them together with our signature coated canvas vegan leather to create a beautiful tribute to a sustainable mindset that will never go out of fashion.


velvet and leather patchwork small hobo 

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