Tips for hassle free holiday to Dubai

Tips for hassle free holiday to Dubai

Guest post by our team member Tiina

How to pack light for a long trip?

Beginning of February I was faced with an important question: what to take with me on a month-long trip to Dubai? The aim of this trip was to relax and have a vacation but also work remotely when necessary. Things I knew about Dubai and our trip: it would be around 80 degrees during the day. But evenings can get cold. I can bring one carry-on cabin bag and we will be sharing one checked baggage with my travel mate. And I haven’t planned out all of my activities during the trip yet. So how do start packing?


Mini Troubadour bag in Dubai


Step by step guide to packing for your ideal holiday

Even if your holiday activities are not set in stone yet and you’re a spontaneous type like me, The first step for packing was to think through all the locations and activities we might end up visiting. For example, there will be definitely at least one beach day. So let's add swimwear to my packing list. When it comes to Arab countries it’s important to have at least one set of clothes that cover my knees and shoulders. I decided to pack an extra scarf and leggings so I can easily transform a summer look into a covered-up mosque-approved look. 

Cherry red crossbody in the beach
Mini Troubadour bag in the art museum


Dubai is located in the desert, and I knew desert safaris are a thing, so my list got an additional outfit, both comfortable and camera-friendly at the same time. Knowing that I will probably end up taking an endless amount of photos, I had to consider I don't want to have all the sightseeing view photos with the same outfit. So I packed more clothes... 

Whenever possible I prefer to walk or bike around in the new locations. 

That means I had to pick the right shoes. In my case - something for a beach day, something comfortable for walking through the city, and just in case something fancy for a night out. 

All the clothes set aside, perhaps the most practical thing to take with me was one or two handbags! Something really practical that also looks good while taking pictures daily. Traveling to Dubai means my crossbody bag has to fit a water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a scarf in case it gets chilly. For me, the combination of grabbing my Mini-Troubadour bag and Bossa Nova crossbody bag were the best.


Mini Troubadour bag in the market
Cherry red crossbody in the city

Top 5 tricks to use when packing for a trip abroad?

What should you pack for a month long trip? These travel packing hacks have served me well, I hope they help you too. 

  1. Instead of a regular towel opt for a microfiber towel - it dries fast and saves a lot of space. 
  2. Use travel-sized shampoo and conditioner bottles - buy reusable containers from the convenience store and pour bigger sizes into smaller ones.
  3. Packing cubes are a lifesaver! Or to be exact - huge space savers! Until this trip my preferred method for packing clothes was to use different tote bags - they are light and I can manipulate their shape a lot. But during this trip, I got introduced to packing cubes and I can say now they are a must on for my next travels.
    Btw. did you know these tiny-looking cubes are not only strong and durable but often come with compression features? That means you can squeeze your clothes together extra tight and press the air out.
  4. Roll your clothes into rolls! This is the secret to compressing clothes together even more air-tight so you’ll have more space for books and souvenirs! Here’s a great instructional video of the Army Roll Method that will save you more space in your backpack or luggage than you think!
  5. Have a separate pouch for your passport and important documents. That may include travel insurance and COVID certification. You want to have them close by in the airport and in a safe spot when you leave them in your suitcase. Cha Cha bags make a great crossbody option while Large Valet pouch wristlets also serve the purpose really well. 


Cherry red Bossa Nova fits all the documents

These were my tried-out tips for traveling, share in the comments what are yours?

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