Luxury Handbags for Mom: How My Live Sale Made Connections and Sales

Luxury Handbags for Mom: How My Live Sale Made Connections and Sales

Let me tell you a story about how our Mother's day sale went!

It all started with an idea to host a live Mother's Day sale! I've done it a few times before so I kinda knew what to expect. But still I wanted to make it even bigger and better this year. I want to make it easier for people to get their hands on a handmade luxury handbag. And what better gift for your mother or grandmother  is to get her a beautiful and practical, ethically made bag?

How to organise a successful event?

The goal of this sale is to meet with my dear customers in real life. Also to offer a unique opportunity to purchase one of a kind designer bags in person. Of course as great Mother's day deals.

When the day got closer I thought: what about creating proper reusable signage in the neighborhood? 🤩 To offer more people a chance to get mother's day gifts by quality craftsmanship

So I repurposed real estate signs and though adding a little paint could create wonders, right!?



*I should add that it took a lot more effort than planned 😬

How did the sale go?

With signage ready to make buzz, and best handbags set up. Meaning both glazed waterproof handbags, purses from limited edition fabrics and many many more. I was excited to open the bubbly and connect with my dear returning customers. Not to mention to greet the new ones! 🤗

Take a look in IG how it all looked like!


What was on sale? 

  • A wall of one of a kind handbags
  • Slightly imperfect sample purses
  • All sustainable handbags
  • And eco-friendly handbags

My feelings after those two days?


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  • Amy

    I am so happy I decided to treat myself and get myself an amazing floral purse by Crystalyn Kae. Such a beautiful bag. I am so happy that it is even machine washable because of how much I travel and all the adventures I go on. It is so perfect for what I do.

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