An how-to list to take care of yourself and prioritize your mental health!

An how-to list to take care of yourself and prioritize your mental health!

Listed below are ways to practice some self-care and take some steps to improve your mental health and your overall well-being! Each idea suggested explains also how does self-care benefit you. We hope you enjoy our list and take some time to follow some of these self-care suggestions…

A warm, comforting bath!

What better way to take care of yourself than spending some down time to unwind in a warm bath, filled with bath salts and candles filling the room with your favorite scent. Handmade La Conner has plenty of options to choose from ranging from a variety of bath salts, to numerous different scented candles. This is an important form of self-care because warm baths do improve mental and emotional health, and can help clear your mind from those everyday stressors. Such a good thing to add to your self-care routine.

Pampering yourself with a facial!

Grabbing yourself a facial roller and massaging your face is a great way to detox, and unwind for the day, while treating your precious skin with love and care! To end the night, sleeping with an eye mask can really help support a good night's sleep to set you up for a great mindset the next day! It also works as a wonderful self-care gift to someone else.

Listening to your favorite tunes!

Putting on your favorite song is always an instant serotonin boost, and can make you smile from ear to ear. Maybe you want to try out a new genre of music, or you have that comfort playlist that makes you feel safe and content, but either way, music is truly good for the soul and your mental health! And considered as a great self-care activity.

Take on some knitting, journaling, and reading!

Knitting is proven to help improve mental health, as it provides an outlet to relieve stress and calm anxiety. Knitting is a great hobby to pick up as studies have shown a strong connection between knitting and feeling calm and happiness! Journaling is super important to help improve mental health as well. It is a great outlet to let out all of your fears, problems and concerns, and it's a good way to track progress of your mental health as well over time! Go grab your favorite book because reading is also an excellent way to improve mental health as it is proven to build up your brain and make it stronger, and provide an outlet to slip away into an intriguing story! These can be especially useful self-care ideas for moms since they are easy to continue on random moments. 


Mental health struggles are very common in so many of us, so it is crucial to take time out of your day and prioritize some self-care so you can feel like the amazing person you are! Another name to use for your self-care plan is self love care routine since it's all about loving yourself.


Tell us in the comments: how do you practice mental self-care? How can you improve your self-care skills?


  • Leslie

    Thank you so much for speaking on the importance of self-care. With everything going on in the world, taking a few moments a day to check in with your self and your mental health is so important. I love the idea of picking up a new hobby like knitting. I see googling some new knitting patterns in my future. Thanx!

  • Amelia

    Oh, ways to take better care of yourself – is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you for sharing. I know why self-care is important but still manage to prioritize others’ needs first.. I can for sure improve my self-care skills and reading this blog post is a good start.

  • Sophia

    How to self-care or how to practice mental self-care is a good question. At the moment my self-care schedule or routine could use some improvements. I love the idea of knitting more and of course taking long warm baths. I’ve tried journaling, but it isn’t for me at the moment, I prefer getting together with girlfriends and just talking it all out. Thanks for the self-care ideas!

  • Charlotte

    Fantastic, I love how you talk about the importance of self-care. Looking at mental health statistics is scary these days and it’s so important that we won’t forget to take care of ourselves.
    My self-care strategy involves long walks with my dog, doing embroidery, and long cuddles with my husband. And I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I get end up in the “cutest puppies” video section on Youtube :’D

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