patchwork leather bags from rescued leather

patchwork leather bags from rescued leather


Patchwork bags are here!  We've collaged buttery-soft lambskin remnants from our own collection, and then Crystalyn lovingly zig-zag stitched each together, on our 1930's era Zig Zag sewing machine. Not only does it give a textural interest,  it's also makes your bag super secure, water-resistant and easy to care for.⁠


⁠Plus, there's truly only one of each bag. So if you've got your heart set on one, better snag it now. ⁠



49% of our handbag line is currently made from upcycled materials, and is growing every year. In addition to working with @fab_scrap to source reclaimed leather and pre-consumer textiles, we also source vintage fabrics from antique dealers and estate sales, buy deadstock and overstock from sellers in the New York Garment District, and repurpose factory offcuts of high-end leathers to make our handbags.⁠


Our Patchwork crossbody bags are lined with a vintage print fabric that coordinates perfectly, and will bring a smile to your face every time you zip it open. The linings are made from reclaimed quilting fabric that we sourced from Seattle ReCreative, a non-profit organization which collects unused crafting and sewing supplies to sell to designers like Crystalyn Kae, and uses the funds to provide art education in our local community.  Its a win-win! 


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