Best ways to display purses in a boutique or booth

Best ways to display purses in a boutique or booth


If you are a reseller, showcasing bags and items in your store is crucial. Customers want to grasp information quickly. Some studies say they decide whether or not to browse and shop within as little as 10 seconds. Now, what is an effective display, and how do you display shop items?

Retail display ideas to add to your store

Here are some real-life examples of purse displays in shops and pop-ups that we've participated in over the years.

backpacks made in usa by crystalyn kae

Simple showroom display ideas

Use an open shelf on the wall and pegs or clothes rack. Arrange bags combining similar colors together.

hat and vintage fabric bag display

Hand bag display ideas

Show it together with another item that completes the look. Here it's for example a hat with a touch of a similar pattern.

mix velvet bags with cozy knits

Creative retail display

Mix velvet bags with cozy knits. Make it easy for your customers to see how items visually look together. Bags and hats are often a final touch to personalize a look. 

countertop display at boutique

Budget-Friendly Merchandising Displays to Inspire

For smaller items like Headphone Tacos and Airpod packs, use bowls, baskets, and trays that match your store's aesthetics and that you may already have. Draw similar items together, so they have the power to catch customers' eyes.

waterfall display with clutches and wristlets by crystalyn kae

How can I improve my store display?

Make it coherent. Use on table retail displays to showcase different color versions of the same pouch. Raising some items in the air adds layers and dimension to the display.

pegboard purse display

How do you hang tote bags for sale?

Here's an interior display idea that one of our customers used. Placing an extra wall piece on top of the wall. Make it a contrasting color from the wall behind and add pegs according to the bag size. This store display will give customers the opportunity to gather all the color options at once.

vintage fabric floral tote on mannequin

How do I create a visual display?

You can add something unique and characteristic to the front of your store. Using a mannequin is a fabulous way to show off the style and vibe of the store. Combining Crystalyn Kae bags with existing clothes and accessories from the shop gives clients a fast overview.

card cases on wooden riser

In-Store Display Ideas 

Different shelving units with convertible and changeable abilities are very handy when it comes to displaying small items like Crystalyn Kae Card Case Wallets. This allows one to see various color options and also to have an overview of the sold items.


How do you display store bags? And do you have separate luxury bag displays? Write in the comments.


  • Jill Darling

    How do you keep people from stealing bags and purses? 👜 any ideas welcome

  • Ava

    I don’t own or work in a store, but I like shopping and love hearing more about the behind-the-scenes and making-of side of your business. Thank you!

  • Emma

    Love seeing different ways resellers display your bags. I’m a big fan of Crystalyn Kae bags and so are my friends. I especially like when stores show bags together with other items as part of a look. This to me is a creative retail display solution.

  • Olivia

    As a small boutique owner, I’m always on the look for new clever in-store display ideas that I can try out. I’m so grateful for some more input. I especially like the way you showcase different colored Metier tote bags next to each other. It catches your eye and looks great.

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