My favorite way to scout upholstery fabric remnants on the Lower East Side

My favorite way to scout upholstery fabric remnants on the Lower East Side

When I lived in the East Village, one of my favorite routines would be to wander over to the Lower East side to drop off packages at the post office, grab a snack at Baby Cakes, pet a cat or two at my stockists Moo Shoes.

But hands-down the highlight of my day was to peruse the many upholstery shops that littered Ludlow and Orchard street. Today, many of them have sadly closed, but one mainstay to this day is Zarin Fabrics. Over time I befriended the folks downstairs in the re-upholstery shop and they'd save the remnants of opulent cut velvets and let me buy them by the bag.

velvet fabric remnants

This exceptional cobalt blue scrolled fabric on an ivory background is one of those fabrics.  There was *just enough* to cut out pieces to color-block metier totes and I laid it out to see if there would be just enough!

fabrics planned for metier totes on a tableplanning out a new metier tote blue velvet


and I love how surprisingly well this bag will go with *everything*.

blue velvet bag in lower east side

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Write in the comments which other bags would you like to see using upholstery fabric pieces?


  • Sarah

    OMG! Those pictures are so inspiring. I LOVE looking at vintage fabrics and tapestries, but I am so intimidated and end up not buying them because I’m not sure what to do. Next time I fall in love with a fabric, I wont hesitate to add it to my collection and let the creative juices flow.

  • Evelyn K

    Fabolous! I’ve read instructions for projects to upcycle leftover fabric scraps and videos about
    DIY upholstery fabric crafts, but hearing the story, of how you first find the fabric is so fascinating! I love how this Metier tote turned out and love to see more!

  • Mia

    Just when I was looking for ideas what can I make with tapestry fabric and also uses for fabric remnants? Thank you for sharing your stories! Always a pleasure to read!

  • Isabella

    Yess! My favorite kind of blog posts! Love reading about your adventures and experiences of finding fabrics.
    It gives me the inspiration to find ways to use upholstery fabric in my home as well. I’d love to see more about what can you make out of fabric samples? And I don’t remember seeing upholstery fabric in Hobo bags, so maybe ideas for next projects?

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