A day outdoors with the XL Troubadour tote

A day outdoors with the XL Troubadour tote

Guest post by our team member Tiina

Here's the story, we call the XL Troubadour tote the perfect bag for a weekend trip. So, when my trip approached, there was no question - my high-end and sustainable handbag is coming with me. To be honest Crystalyn Kae Instagram followers got live updates throughout the weekend via Instagram stories, where I shared my weekend adventures. So if the following seems familiar, that's why 🙃 

How to plan for the weekend?

My plan was simple. One friend celebrated his birthday in the countryside, he had invited 8 close friends and when it came to weekend trip packing list, he just emphasized to dress comfortably and also waterproof. To grab things for an overnight stay and perhaps the most shocking part: prepare for not having electricity in the evening :O

When it rains it pours

Saturday morning started lovely. Until it started raining. I packed my stuff and went outside and felt proud that the raindrops are not bothering my glazed vegan leather bag at all 😍 A strong sign of quality craftsmanship for me. After filling up both my car and my thirst in the gas station, the drive was ready to begin. Luckily I had my Bossa Nova crossbody bag next to me throughout the trip, which meant grabbing my wallet or water bottle was always effortless and practical. 

Can you canoe in the rain?

During the few-hour drive, there were moments it rained so hard that it made the visibility extremely poor. The first activity planned was canoeing, normally it sounds fun and I find it a great weekend trip idea, but with this weather? Getting soaking wet and also gathering water inside the canoe while trying to stay afloat did not seem fun at all. But lo and behold the more south we drove, the better the weather got. And when we arrived next to the river - the sun had come out!

Does the canoe fit a Troubadour tote?

We left our belonging in the overnight cabin and only took a few things to the boat. So the question whether an XL Troubadour tote would fit in the canoe was left unanswered. After canoeing for about 3 hours, we made it back to the cabin. I felt cold and moist from the water splashes and couldn't wait to get a BBQ and sauna going in the cabin.

What's the deal with saunas in Europe?

Being located in the border of Northern and Eastern Europe, we have a strong sauna tradition. It is very typical to have a sauna in someone's summer house or countryside cottage. I would even say it's quite unusual not to have one when living in the countryside. Both the BBQ and sauna required making a fire in the fireplaces and keeping an eye on them throughout the evening.

One thing that didn't fit my bag?

Having a cozy group of friends come together, what better than to eat, go to the sauna, accompanied by dipping in the nearby river and then play some board games together. For some reason, most board games have a bulky package, many times bigger than the game pieces themselves. So indeed board games required an entirely separate bag.

Don't step away from the path!

Sunday started with outdoor breakfast another swim in the river and discovering the nearby bog.

Having no mountains in Estonia is compensated with having beautiful hiking trails and countless bogs and marches with designated wooden paths to walk on. If you try to walk next to the wooden path, you won't get far. Instead, it's likely that your feet get wet and end up sinking to the ground.

Wooden houses and tiny towns

The drive back took us through small and peaceful yet colorful towns. Both me, my eco-friendly handbags were enjoying the views. As people, we treasure and gather memories from our trips and adventures. I wonder if bags do the same. After all these bags are designed for versatility and durability.

Now I wonder - if your bag could talk, which memories would it treasure the most? Share your answer in the comments.

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