What is glazed fabric?

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water proof purse glazed fabric coated canvas handbag by crystalyn kae

What is glazed fabric?

Glazed fabric, often interchangeably called coated canvas, is superior to any vinyl or faux leather you've ever seen.  In fact, glazed fabric is actually preferable to leather as it far more durable, lightweight, scratch-proof and rain-proof. 

How is glazed fabric made?

Glazed fabric starts with a woven canvas made of cotton and polyester, then a very thin durable coating of colored glaze is added.  (The most popular example of this type of material is the Louis Vuitton logo-printed bag).  But with our glazed fabric, we take it one step further.  Our coated canvas is then embossed with heated rollers to give it a waterproof shine, and stretched to give it a subtle leather-grain look.  This extra step allows the glaze to sink into the fibers of the canvas, and for the glaze to develop a leather-like patina over time. Instead of imprinting our coated canvas with logos, we let the natural beauty shine through!

What are the benefits of glazed fabric bags:
  • Glazed fabric bags are lighter weight than leather, making them much easier to carry and a great choice if you suffer from back or shoulder problems.
  • durable & scratch resistant: bags can stand up to almost anything 
  • coating won't peel or flake off  like PU (polyurethane) bags
  • rain-proof, stain-resistant and machine-washable

waterproof glaze coated canvas hobo bag by crystalyn kae

What makes Crystalyn Kae's glazed fabric bags more preferable than other designer coated canvas bags?
  • Machine-washable 
  • Crystalyn Kae bags are ecologically preferable because our polyester/cotton canvas with thin pvc glaze coating is lead-free, pthalate-free
  • cruelty free and vegan
  • Built to last, with a lifetime warranty 
  • Made in USA  
glaze coated canvas backpack by crystalyn kae
How Crystalyn got started working with glazed fabrics:

In 2001, my first collection of bags were created from 70's era men's wool plaid pants - which were adorable, but they didn't have the timeless durability that I knew Pacific Northwest customers would need - living in rainy conditions.  Having earned my BA degree in Textiles from Washington State University (watch the video!) - I began to develop a collection of non-leather materials that could withstand daily use,  yet would be more sophisticated than other waterproof bags available on the market.   After a few years of experimentation, our first glazed fabric hobo was introduced in 2003, and has been a perpetual best-seller ever since!

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