my bags are lead free. . as if you even needed to ask.

Apparently, the Center for Environmental Health has found that hundreds of non-leather handbags contain high amounts lead, including (gasp!) Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors.  The gals at Cool Mom picks recently clued me into the drama and have given me a chance to confirm: yes, my bags are lead-free!

But I think that this brings up a very key issue that affects my design process everyday.  Although I strive to use the best available materials with the least impact – the ‘perfect’ material doesn’t exist, yet.    And maybe it won’t ever.  That’s why I feel that it is most important to create unique bags in small batches (in my home studio. . right here in Seattle!) that are dependable and will last for years.   It’s not about vegan vs. leather bags.  To make a positive impact, we should strive to make fewer and smarter purchases, support designers who share our beliefs . . . .and perhaps re-think what a ‘designer bag’ really means.

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