what is coated canvas?

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How is coated canvas made?

A coated canvas is made from a woven fabric, typically a heavy cotton or polyester canvas that is coated with wax or resin and then treated with heat.  Depending on the materials used, the finish can be permanent: (glazed and/or pvc-coated) or temporary: (wax). Coating materials in a permanent way is integral to high-quality designer handbag brands, as it will allow the bag to last much longer than faux leather or polyurethane and is ecologically preferable. 

Is glaze coated canvas better than leather?

The advantages of coated canvas or glazed fabric over leather is that it is much more hard-wearing and stain- resistant than leather.  It is often lighter-weight on your shoulder, and rain-resistant. 

coated canvas tote in wine by crystalyn kae
What is a coated canvas bag?

The most common example of coated canvas bag is the Louis Vuitton logo-encrusted bag you've seen almost everywhere. But other designer brands including Goyard, Fendi, and even Michael Kors and Coach now use a form of coated canvas in their handbag  collections.  

how do you clean a coated canvas bag?

It depends on the brand.  It is best to reach out to the manufacturer of your bag. Do you own a Crystalyn Kae glazed fabric bag?  If so: follow these 4 easy steps:

1) Empty the contents of your bag and pull the lining to the outside.
2) Add a tablespoon of laundry soap to the washer.
3) Throw your bag in the washing machine on gentle cycle
4) Hang it to dry. (Do not put your bag in the dryer or dry-clean.)

For less dirty bags, you can spot clean with any household multi-purpose cleaner. You can also use shoe polish to freshen the sheen on your bag, and any scuff marks can often be removed by applying a bit of rubbing alcohol with a cotton swab.  

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