Introducing our Psychedelic Summer Handbag Collection!

Introducing our Psychedelic Summer Handbag Collection!

What pushed us to use psychedelic colors?

So as we planned our new Summer collection the idea grew on us and we decided it was time for something outrageous and fun. Let's combine practical handmade bags made with the highest quality craftsmanship, with vibrant splashes of bright psychedelic colors! These vibrant, juicy color are kind of out of the norm for us to design with, as we usually favor deeply saturated rich jewel tones. So adding bubble gum pink leather with a little bit of fluorescent acid green was a departure for us: it's kind of a new wave color. This means it hasn't been in fashion and now it's suddenly everywhere.

We know we design accessories for creative people who want a high-quality, artisan product that tells a story.  Honestly upcycling and using sustainable materials doesn't have to mean only dimmed colors. That's also the idea behind our Psychedelic Summer collection.

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