Crystalyn Kae top 9 highlights of 2021

Crystalyn Kae top 9 highlights of 2021

With 2021 coming to a close, and 2022 finally here, it is so important to take time to reflect on what success and highs got me to this point and the new year. So let’s get into it!  

Expanded my bi-coastal Crystalyn Kae team

Beginning of last year the team behind my woman-owned company making reliable bags for busy women started from two of us. Then came springtime of 2021 I got a social media intern, who I then hired in August as our social media coordinator. I then hired 3 other employees to work in-house at my workshop in Seattle to help with the behind the scenes and handcrafted purses production.  And with the help of some very talented photographers I was fortunate enough to showcase my unique handbags and amazing products in a beautiful way. I am so extremely grateful for this team of mine, and everything I am learning with them. Just take a look of our Instagram feed to see what we have been up to.


Teaching my bag creation expertise and experience at an Sew Expo class 

I found more about myself during this experience and how much I love sharing and mentoring how to create those unique one-of-a-kind bags. I then decided to work on a new 12 hour virtual course with Amy Bengtson to help product-based entrepreneurs bring their designs to market in a new way that is authentic, sustainable, and socially-conscious for their lifestyle. You can find out more about it and sign up here!  

Finally treated myself and brought a car, which I have not owned in 15 years!

I bought myself a used car finally, which is a HUGE deal because I have not owned one in 15 years, and I made sure to get one that could fit my vintage sewing machines and fit my entire vegan purses booth display inside. (Subaru outback was the lucky one!) 

Crystalyn and her Subaru


I got to travel AGAIN, out west, to beautiful and remarkable California 

I had the opportunity to travel to California, which felt so new again after the travel hiatus for the past 2 years. I actually went to scatter my Uncle’s ashes, who was like a father figure to me, and I then had an awakening that it has become an anchor point to explore nature, draw and reconnect with myself. 



I got Reconnected with another old friend/fellow entrepreneur and found some vintage inspired pieces

I connected with my friend, (Victoria) and struck gold in her wardrobe closet with unique vintage clothing options that was the perfect backdrop in all of my photoshoots. (especially for my vintage inspired limited edition collections I dropped this year, see the story behind the collection here as well!). Spoiler they were all handmade from unique fabrics.



Returned to in-person shopping at my Seattle workshop and participated in two Seattle craft shows, Urban Craft Uprising and Renegade Craft

This felt HUGE to me, and especially to my Crystalyn Kae Community because finally I was able to reconnect with all of the Crystalyn Community and develop and foster those connections with my customers. Yes, I love creating these handmade vintage bags, but I also love even more hearing about how my bags have/will play a functional and endearing role in all of your lives! 



Restored three more industrial machines which I'm using in my Seattle workshop!


With all of this being said, I am forever thankful for how 2021 helped shape me and Crystalyn Kae Accessories, but I truly cannot wait for what 2022 has in store!


Write in the comments what were your highlights from 2021 and if we had something in common!


  • Sofia

    2021 was a blast! My highlights were a 5-day sailing trip, getting back to working out regularly, and learning to sew! My goal for the next year is to expand my sewing skills and maybe attend one of your Sew Expo classes! So excited!

  • Sam Elizabeth

    Can’t imagine how you lasted so long without a car, but I guess you don’t really need one in NYC. Actually, this is what we have in common – I also bought a car this year! Hurray to us two!
    I’m so impressed that you restored three industrial sewing machines. This seems crazy hard, looking forward to hearing more about the process!

  • Ella

    Congrats these are true highlights you deserve a celebration! My highlights revolved around travel and singing. I did return to in-person shopping as well but not as a seller, but as the client. Btw my Medium Troubadour bag was the perfect companion to help me carry all the stuff home afterwards :’D

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