Ahoy! Showcasing our waterproof bags in the Pacific Northwest's unpredictable weather

Ahoy! Showcasing our waterproof bags in the Pacific Northwest's unpredictable weather

After the creative head rush with our photography collaboration in New York's East Village a few years ago, we have been scheming via Instagram with Emily, on how we could repeat the magic together again. . . . but this time in Seattle!  Being that both Emily and I are Pacific Northwest natives, we've been yearning for an excuse to return to Seattle to capture a bit of the fresh outdoor vibe with my bags, giving a nod to our West Coast roots.


Vintage sailboat fabric Crystalyn found in Morrow bay, - pinterest board, sneak onto a marina, friend with an awesome vintage cabin cruiser. location scouting 

 seattles favorite vintage clothes and indie fashion boutique Pretty Parlorvintage rainbow wedge lace up espadrille shoes and silver 1970's wooden heels at pretty parlor

We instantly knew that one of our favorite vintage and indie fashion boutiques  Pretty Parlor, (which has been a Seattle mainstay for nearly 18 years) would be just the place to have retro-style swimsuits and cocktail dresses. Anna, the purveyor and mastermind behind the shop , and sprinkled in a few key pieces from knitwear designer Mandy Kordal as well as some raincoats, bamboo robe and linen pants from one of Crystalyn's longtime Seattle stockist, Drizzle and Shine.


Instead of hiring "professional models" we chose real women, who exude a positive vibe and personal sense of style that we could celebrate.  Charmian, Emily's aunt who has lived a fabulous life.  Maria, a friend of our former supermodel-turned stylist Jenny, who is a single mom to a beautiful adopted daughter, and Kelly, a fierce entrepreneur hairstylist starting her own salon. 


To coordinate the schedule of 3 models, the boat host, photographer and stylist was a feat but we narrowed it down to one day that worked for everyone: July 10.  But as the date approached, we seemed doomed to repeat the weather of the last collaboration with Emily:  RAIN. ALL. DAY!  


We met on the boat and took a quick selfie, and surveyed our contingency plan:  Where to keep the models dry, and how to capture clear shots through the rain! 

emily johnson: photographer, jenny gibbs: stylist, crystalyn brennan: handbag designer in Seattle

We took over the Marina bathroom as the dressing room and the girls got into their first outfit of the day.  We popped some champagne as an opening toast, and got to work!

woman popping open champagne with red manicure and leopard dressfood at our photoshoot on a vintage sailboat


 kelly styling maria's hair on our photoshoot on a vintage yacht in seattle

rainy photoshoot in seattle on a vintage sailboat in lake union

women clinking glasses of champagne on a vintage yacht






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