Learning to Unplan: A Rainy Photoshoot in New York City

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Filled with the excitement of new bags, it was time at last for our Fall/Winter lookbook photoshoot! We at Crystalyn Kae wanted to get everything just right.

Photoshoot preparations can be a lot of work. The location planning, the outfit steaming, the logistics of exactly who, what and where...

We carefully borrowed clothes and accessories from other Venture Fellows at Brooklyn Fashion +Design Accelerator: Study NY, Mujus, Spratters & Jayne, Kordal and hats from our favorite milliner, Artikal. clothing borrowed from fellow BFDA designers

Emily, our photographer, flew in from Arizona just for the shoot. It was her first time in NYC and she had countless ideas about the mood she wanted to capture. She brought along her friend Elisa to help move everything along.

We were all set for a big Friday production with our favorite model, Alli, when we looked at the forecast: rain all day! 


clothing ready for the photoshoot - picture by: pixbyemily

Poor Alli forgot her umbrella and got caught in a downpour on her way to the shoot and was totally soaked! After we dried off a bit and selected our first outfits, we piled into a cab to our first location safe inside from the rain: Veniero's in the East Village.


Afterward Emily wanted to do some street shots - so we decided to charge forward and use the rain to our advantage. After all, our bags are waterproof and super durable, so why not highlight these great features?

photographing the new backpack on 11th Street in the East Villagephoto in the rain

All that rain can get to you, so we took a much-needed lunch break at Maiden Lane for some BLTs and drinks. Elisa had an old fashioned to warm up.

houndstooth with cocktail

 The skies cleared and we ducked into the library to change outfits-- we were ready for round two! 

models next to Tompkins Square park

We had Elisa jump into the shoot, too, and she did an awesome job! We didn't know we'd have two great models to work with that day.

.alli in the doorway modeling grey cross body bag

While the rain slowed us down a bit, it lent an interesting element to our shoot. It's funny how an unexpected disturbance can turn into something great. 

Check out our new bags and tell us what you think!

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  • What a great day…and this chronicles it so well!

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