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Why FabScrap is totally Fab

Posted by Abigail Ferraro on

Volunteering at FabScrap has been on my NYC bucket list ever since Crystalyn mentioned that that is where she gets a lot of her upcycled leather and unique fabrics.  Crystalyn, being the super cool boss she is, allowed me to take an afternoon off and volunteer at FabScrap! This amazing *woman founded* business is dedicated to recycling fabrics and repurposing them to keep them out of the waste stream. They have thousands of pounds of fabric that they have collected from apparel design companies in New York City, about 40 bags a day weighing 50 pounds each, which volunteers then sort to be recycled or sold at very reasonable prices to designers or students! 
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what is coated canvas?

Posted by Crystalyn Brennan on

A coated canvas bag is made from a woven fabric, typically a durable cotton or polyester canvas that is coated with wax or resin and then treated with heat.  Depending on the materials used, the finish can be permanent: (glazed or pvc-coated) or temporary: (wax). Coating materials in a permanent way is integral to high-quality designer handbag brands, as it will allow the bag to last much longer than faux leather or polyurethane and is ecologically preferable. 

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How upcycling vintage fabrics help us defy creative limits

Posted by Caroline Charvet on

Selecting fabrics for a new handbag collection is like a treasure hunt. Crystalyn regularly shops flea markets, antique shops and her favorite local source for sample fabrics: Fabscrap to select pieces of fabrics. Either she finds textiles that get on well with what she already has in mind for the next collection, or what she discovers gives her even more ideas for a future collection.
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What is glazed fabric?

Posted by Crystalyn Brennan on

Glazed fabric, similar to coated canvas, is superior to any vinyl or faux leather you've ever seen.  In fact, glazed fabric is actually preferable to leather as it far more durable, lightweight, scratch-proof and rain-proof. Glazed fabric starts with a woven canvas made of cotton and polyester, then a very thin durable coating of colored glaze is added. 
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Fine-tuning the velvet fabrics for our Holiday Handbag collection.

Posted by Crystalyn Brennan on

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Crystalyn Kae Brennan Crystalyn is a handbag designer in Brooklyn, NY. Her sustainable luxury handbags are made in USA with ethically-sourced leather and unique vintage fabrics. Read more »

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