From scarcity to style: repurposing curtains into purse linings

From scarcity to style: repurposing curtains into purse linings

I love this print so much, I could just swim in it. A gift from my friend Rian (Tuesday Scarves, look her up!), this fabric was actually a set of curtains.  These were lovingly hung in my old house in Seattle, above my sewing machine, and were one of the first things I packed to bring to NYC - to help it feel more like home.

Since I'm barely up and running (my workshop is in my tiny 200 square foot studio for goodness sake) in a temporary set-up. I've learned to make it work like never before.  

Case in point - I have 3 more hobos that have to be finished by this weekend and I've completely run out of fabric. And I'm broke.  And in my tears, i kept gazing out my window wondering where I'd find fabric worthy enough to adorn one of my hobos and there they were - just staring me in the face.  My beloved curtains.  Yes, how very scarlet O'hara of me, but these curtains, in a print aptly named "Tree of Life" are what saved me today. 




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