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While in my early 20s fresh out of college, and living in Tacoma, WA, my friend and roommate Jane, introduced me to her fabulous mother Audrey.  She had a wicked wit, a fabulous cackling laugh and a signature manhattan cocktail- which she kept in a jar in the fridge, and took little nips off of while making dinner.

audrey thomas and her manhattan 



With her warm and welcoming ways, it didn't take long for her to take me in as one of her own. And it didn't hurt that we had a shared affinity for a fabulous fabric.

vintage fabric style book with Audrey's note

Although she passed away a few years ago, not a week goes by that I spot a good print and think of her.  Recently, Audrey's daughter so kindly gave me some of her stash, and up until now, some of the vintage feedsack and calico prints have been lingering in my cupboard waiting for the *right project*. (Fabric hoarders, you know what I mean!)vintage fabric 1950's era feedsack

vintage fabric stash



Each print is so cheeky, (little sailboats, unicycles, prim polka dots) and deserves a special little spot where only the owner knows what's inside. . .

vintage fabric bicycles


vintage fabric feedsack sailboat


vintage fabric lining bags


So the Cha Cha and Bossa Nova crossbody bags seemed to be the perfect place to share them.  Take a peek at a few of our favorite linings:

wine vegan crossbody bag with sailboat vintage fabric liningbutterscotch vegan crossbody bag vintage fabric atomic sputnik


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