Creative ways to re-use your kitchen scraps

Creative ways to re-use your kitchen scraps

Don't toss your kitchen scraps. . .We've compiled a few of our favorite ways to repurpose kitchen waste into something useful!


  1. Make a healthy (and free!) vegetable stock. Save scraps in a container in the freezer and then simmer with spices to create a healthy vegetable broth. So long as it's not rotting, you can save nearly every vegetable part to make a nutrient-rich vegetable stock. Get Crystalyn's recipe here>

    make vegetable stock out of kitchen scraps
  2. Create your own victory garden using scraps of fruits and vegetables. You'd be surprised at how many vegetables, fruit and herbs you can re-grow simply by soaking in water and re-planting in soil.   Learn how to start your own indoor vegetable garden on the cheap >

    create your own low-budget garden using kitchen scraps
  3. Create natural dyes using food scraps. Did you know that you can use beets, cabbage, avocado pits and spinach and onions to dye textiles naturally? Fall down the natural dyeing rabbit hole here>create natural dyes from fruits and vegetables
  4. Create natural stamps to print on practically anything You'll never look at food scraps the same. Celery stalk as a rose? Use a potato to carve a shape, or lettuce to give a marbled-effect.  Use these stamps to make custom wrapping paper, print over a stain on clothing, decorate your walls, or create a custom greeting card!  Try one of the printmaking ideas we've compiled here>create a stamp from leftover vegetables

Do you have any clever ways to use up leftover produce? Please share in the comments!

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