how to make a flavorful (and free!) vegetable stock with kitchen scraps

how to make a flavorful (and free!) vegetable stock with kitchen scraps

Have you ever peeled carrots, or trimmed of broccoli stalks and wondered if there might be a way to make use of these nutrient-rich vegetables, instead of throwing them away (or composting?). Here's our quick and dirty solution that will make sure you always have some soup stock ready for any recipe.

  1. When you're cutting up veggies, save anything that isn't rotting.  Nearly any vegetable will do: carrot peels, celery roots, kale & broccoli stems, woody stalks of herbs, onion & garlic skins. . . I would leave out anything that is particularly pungent, like asparaguscelery and carrot peeling vegetable scrap
  2. Save all your scrap in a re-sealable container in your freezer. I like to re-use a gallon size plastic bag that fits in the door of my freezer. This is the perfect amount to fill an entire crock pot when all your kitchen scraps in a freezer container to use for vegetable broth
  3. Toss frozen vegetables into a crock pot or large stock pot on the stove, then root around in your spice cupboard and toss in a small handful of any of the following: peppercorns, coriander seed, garlic powder (or fresh minced), bay leaves, rosemary. ( I don't usually add salt as I like to have stronger control over the sodium when I'm using the finished broth in a recipe.)add peppercorns, coriander and bay leaves or other dried spices to your vegetable scrap
  4. Cover the entire contents with water and put a lid on top. Let simmer 6-8 hours.
  5. Using. a pair of tongs, pull out scrap to strain in a colander to get the majority of liquid reserved, and discard (compost!) scraps. Then strain broth a second time through a fine metal sieve to remove any tiny bits of debris.  strain the scraps into a colander
  6. Freeze for future use, or add salt (or chicken/beef bullion) to make a flavorful broth.  We used this stock to make a great base for Matzo ball soup! matzo ball soup with vegetable stock home made broth

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