how to garden on a budget using kitchen scraps

how to garden on a budget using kitchen scraps

During our annual Super Bowl party, my friend Meagan teased me about the green onions I was growing in my houseplant.  What can I say, I love having fresh green onions to garnish my food! 

I wish I could remember how I learned this trick of re-rooting green onions, but it got me to thinking that there are probably a lot of vegetables that you can re-grow from scraps.  So I've started an experiment trying to grow my own garden in a sustainable way, using nothing but kitchen scraps.

First you need a place to plant the cuttings/seeds:

  1.   Save egg shells for mini-pots for seedlings. save eggshells as organic seedling planters
  2. Spoon potting soil into each cup and water to moisten.  Make a tiny indent in the center of the soil with the end of the spoon to make room for seeds/cuttings.  then sprinkle a bit of dirt to covereggshell planters for seedlings
  3. Place in a sunny window until they sprout.
  4. plant oudoors (egg shell and all) when danger of frost has gone.

 Watch this video to see 9 other ways you can create planters repurposing household items 

Try these vegetables:

  • green onions: trim off roots, and soak in a shot glass of water until a tiny green sprout emerges. then pop in a houseplant or patio planter
  • Lettuce & Celery: trim off the ends of the roots and place in a small ramekin of water till it sprouts/takes root, then plant in soil
  • Tomatoes & melons: scoop out seeds and rinse off most of the pulp.  let dry before planting
  • bell peppers: save the stems and let seeds dry out before planting
  • carrot tops: soak in water till sprouts show, then plant in soil
  • onions & garlic: place root-side down in shallow ramekin of water
  • ginger root and potato: cut out the  'eye' and plant in soil.

trim lettuce to re-root in water for indoor gardenthere are many vegetables you can re-grow from kitchen scraps!

DIY wooden wine crate planter

 Want some low-budget container to plant a garden - check out our tutorial on how to make a planter box out of a wooden wine crate.

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