a unisex cross body "man bag" for Jovencio

a unisex cross body "man bag" for Jovencio

I will confess it brings be a spark of satisfaction when men tell me they appreciate the understated classic styling of my Metier tote, and ask "Do you ever make bags for men?" 

So when Jovencio, a fellow designer on Etsy, asked if I could make a modified version of my Métier bag with an adjustable across the body strap, instead of the handles, this time I answered: "Yes I do make man bags!"  His request was the perfect excuse to try out another unisex version of my best-selling bag. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Thanks for the kind words, and for sending the photo Jovencio!

“I just got the bag in the mail today! It is perfect! Thanks so much for the very fast custom order, and wonderful communication. “

What do you think of this idea? Should we offer more unisex bag styles?  Please help us out by answering a few questions  in our informal survey re: your preferences for a unisex bag.

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