custom gray troubadour tote bag

custom gray troubadour tote bag

Anna in Seattle recently wrote to me about creating a custom Gray Troubadour for her. Her friend owns the Troubadour Tote bag in brown and took it to China during an internship and was able to drag it all over Shanghai, wash it, and it good as new. So the prospect of having a bag that could actually survive a year of scuff marks was a big selling point for her. She planned to use the bag for work, and admitted to over-stuffing her current tote “shoes, laptop, lunch, wallet, keys, etc…pretty much my life”, so the Troubadour was a the perfect choice for her!

I’ve been dying to play with new colors, so after some extensive searching, I found one option in upholstery leather and 3 in synthetic for her to choose from. She selected a washable pebbled-glazed fabric and asked for the purple suede lining. I think the colors look smashing together! You like?? :)

6/2009 – Update – This gray Troubadour has become one of my most-requested bags. .  .so you can purchase your own here on my website.

12/2010: Update-  Anna stopped by my booth at Urban Craft Uprising, sporting her bag. . .Her bag is nearly 3 years old and still going strong!



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