by popular demand. . .a new smaller Soiree pleated bag!

by popular demand. . .a new smaller Soiree pleated bag!

black_mini_soiree_modelOver the years, I’ve had requests for a smaller version of my  Soiree Messenger with peeking pleats, but  this is the first time I have offered an entire collection on my site.  It seems like everyone is asking, and since I’ve found beautiful new materials to work with. . . . .

I have given in to your demands!

This new smaller version of the Soiree is the perfect size for everyday. 12″ high by 10″ wide and 3″ deep (inner dimensions 8 x 10)

I have just added this new bag in limited quantities on my website. I’d love any feedback, suggestions, you can send my way. (Like, should I name it something a little more original than “Mini-Soiree”?) You can also offer your suggestions on my facebook page, if you prefer!

Update:  I think the winner so far is Anne-Marie, who suggested “Matinee”….has a good ring to it, right?


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