recession, reschmession: a near mob-scene at Urban Craft Uprising

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Wow.  Was this winter’s UCU show nuts!  From the moment the doors opened each morning, my fellow vendors and I were mobbed with record-breaking numbers of shoppers.  It was exhilarating to feel the support and enthusiasm of the Seattle community.

Not only did I sell out of nearly every one of a kind bag I brought, I also met so many fantastic people, including Callista, winner of my UCU interview giveaway and Anna with her original custom gray troubadour.  You have her to thank that I offer it as a core part of my collection today. I also somehow managed to sneak away from my booth to purchase presents for all of my nieces and nephews.  . .and picked up some perfumejewelry and journals just for me!

A big thank you to organizers of UCU and to the fantastic shoppers & customers who attended the show and spread the word!  We love you!!


Winter 2010 Urban Craft Uprising highlights

1. rebecca’s custom soiree, 2. crystalyn kae booth, 3. tako fibers, 4. Coco of Softlife, 5. Anna with her original gray troubadour, 6. crystalyn kae booth, 7. hassenpeffer , 8. beautiful crochet, 9. Crystalyn and Callista, 10. burgundy monarch, 11. hassenpeffer , 12. sweet anthem perfumes, 13. moxie on her scooter, 14. bella sisters jackets, 15. crystalyn kae booth

p.s.For those of you that missed out, if you’re going to be in the Portland area this coming weekend – you could check out Crafty Wonderland at the Oregon Convention Center.  Many of the same vendors will be there too!

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