vintage shoe love

vintage shoe love

I seem to be on a roll lately. I have been trying so hard to be good – to stick to a budget and tell myself that I should only purchase food and supplies to make purses. . .but this weekend at Ruffles & Rust I fell madly, desperately in love with a pair of 1940’s navy sling back platform shoes – with teeny tiny gold studs. Quaint, bad-ass, sexy, pinup. There are about a thousand words that could be used to describe them, but you judge for yourself. Best part is – they feel AMAZING on!


quite possibly my ‘new’ favorite vintage shoe purchase

But that’s not all folks. In fact, here are pics of TWO MORE pairs of vintage shoes that I truly couldn’t resist. This pair of Spectator-like T-strap shoes I can blame on my friend Marin’s enable-ing. . .she claims they are totally worth it because “We can share them”. So that makes them 1/2 the price, right?

And then there’s these witchy pointy little numbers I stumbled upon after Alisha‘s baby shower brunch: a pair of chartreuse green pointy-toe Christian Louboutins. . .for reals. Red soles and all.  Good news: I paid them for less than the cost of brunch and two mimosas.  Bad news: they’re ever so slightly too tight on me. . . .but the cute shop boy promised that if I grew tired of them I could easily triple my investment on Ebay.  So I practically *made* money – right?




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