Armour, Iron and Adornment

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oodles of inspiration at Chicago Institute of Art Museum


The day before the show started, Amy and I decided to check out the sights of downtown  – and spent most of the afternoon taking in the immense Art  Institute of  Chicago. I was most excited to see “Fashioning the Object”- a conceptual take on fashion design, but once I set foot into the permanent exhibition of Medieval Armour: I was smitten.  Never before had I seen such luxurious gilded metalwork combined with velvet, leather and rivets.  (I think in a previous life I would have liked to make armour.)

I also was astonished by the intricate African hats with beadwork, shells, and grass. We stayed at the museum until they literally had to remind us they were closing. Alexa had just arrived from her cross-country road trip and met up with us for deep dish pizza before jetting across town to Anna’s art opening at Inkwell.


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