Ethereal Thread Bowl Freeform Stitching

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freeform embroidery stitched thread bowl for fairies

I stumbled across this ethereal thread-stitched bowl and couldn't believe it's intricacy and otherworldly nature.

From her site: 

"An impression of a country cottage garden, full of flowers and foliage, this little bowl nestles perfectly in the palm of your hand to view from all angles.

Although amazingly delicate in appearance, and very light weight, the bowl is not as fragile as it looks – it will survive a fall much better than glass or ceramics! It's not rigid, and is intended to be decorative rather than functional, but a small trinket or pebble could be placed inside. As it’s round, without a flat base, it won’t always sit up straight – but that just gives you different views of both the outside and inside.

It’s made by free machine embroidering on soluble fabric, which dissolves away to leave just the stitching. This ‘soluble lace’ is then moulded into shape while damp; the stitching is specially designed so that it will form a round bowl without tucks or pleats".

Run don't walk to her Etsy page:



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