7 ways to express your style, even when you're working from home

7 ways to express your style, even when you're working from home

Most likely if you've made the transition from commuting to the office, to working at your kitchen table. . .your favorite everyday work bag has been a little neglected.  But take it easy on yourself: we have gathered a few ideas of how to take your bag out for a spin, or at least make strategic use of it to still be the envy of your colleagues. And maybe it will inspire them to treat themselves to a sustainable and ethically-made handbag from us as well!

We put together 7 ideas on how to still enjoy your vegan handbag daily. Even if you don’t go to the office.

work from home style daydreaming
#1: First great thing about working at home is, you don’t have to worry too much about wearing pants, let alone whether your colorful vegan handbag matches your outfit precisely.  Plus your shoulders won’t judge you in the evening for lugging all the not-so-necessary stuff around all day.

Instead, store all your work essentials inside your handbag and keep it close, where you can actually enjoy its visual side. And if you need to catch a break from all that screen time, you can clear the clutter back into your bag and pretend your "internet is out". It's important to give yourself some down-time to daydream about all the places you'll travel to in the future.

woman climbing the corporate ladder with a purse

#2:  These days it's less about climbing the corporate ladder, and more about setting a career game plan. . .so why not pop up to the roof of your building during lunchtime for a change of scenery?  Our vegan handbags are weatherproof and washable, so your bag will wipe clean if you spill your salad dressing while dining al fresco!  


woman crossing the brooklyn street in doc martens and velvet handbag


#3: Even if you work at home, you still need to fill up your refrigerator from time to time, and there's no reason why you can't use one of our vintage fabric bags instead of a plastic grocery sack.  If your Troubadour tote isn't getting much use carrying your laptop, there's plenty of room inside to tuck your mask, a wallet and enough groceries to last a few days.  And with a head-turning tote like this, you've become a master at avoiding eye contact with strangers. 


woman in leopard dress with waterproof red bag on a boat dock in seattle

#4: Here’s what can happen while you have a day off and decide to go for a walk. By the time you end up in the harbor, you don’t even have to think about whether your crossbody bag is safe for water splashes. All you need to remember is if it’s glazed fabric, it’s also rain-proof. Best of all this cherry red glazed fabric matches not only your nails but also the boat behind you, so take advantage of the opportunity to taking your new Instagram profile picture!


woman seated in chair in party dress with grey purse

#5: Back in the “Before Covid” times, you would arrive in the office carrying a new vegan handbag, you’d probably place it just next to your desk or ask colleagues: “notice something new?”  If that sounds familiar, you can take the same approach during video calls. Even if you are attending a virtual birthday party, there’s no reason why you can’t show off your new Mini Troubadour bag that stands up on its own feet.


green wristlet clutch vegan leather

#6: Evening is approaching, and you are showered and dressed up in a cute jumpsuit (bonus points: add a belt to go from comfy to classy) for a happy hour in your friend’s backyard. So it’s time to reach out to your large citrine valet pouch in vegan coated canvas and tuck in your phone, keys and mask and clip on a wrist strap, so it's always close by.


large tote with woman bare legs

#7:  So lucky that your XL Troubadour tote doesn’t judge you for only dressing from the waist up today! Celebrate the fact that you are able to work from anywhere. (Even though most days, its probably your bed!)

But who says you have to stay at home? Make remote work a benefit, and sneak out of town for a day or two.  We suggest our weekender tote that is is super-roomy: with over the shoulder and cross-body straps.  Stuff it to the brim and it will still look chic with its rescued leather-accented pocket.    



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