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the first-ever Crystalyn Kae bag

Posted by Crystalyn Brennan on

What is the first bag you ever made?

crystalyn kae's first bag haan crafts duffel bag

I have been drawing, painting, and crafting as long as I can remember, and not many of my creative endeaours stand out so strongly as how I came to make my very first bag.

You see, my mom taught me how to sew by age 7 or 8, so by the time junior-high Home Economics class came around (circa 1992), my sewing skills were pretty decent. Our assignment was to make a pair of pj pants, but by this point I had already made several for myself.   So to challenge myself, I looked through the Haan Craft catalog (Sadly, they are no longer in business) and found the perfect pattern to sew . .what else??  A bag.  A barrel-shaped duffel bag with neon pink webbing straps and a zipper closure.  I rocked that thing proudly all through high school.  

Thank goodness my fashion sense has evolved since then. 


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