Lightweight Companion: The Amélie

Lightweight Companion: The Amélie

Last summer, I spent nearly two months in London and Paris, wandering flea markets and searching for inspiration. I learned quickly how nice it would be to have a stylish day pack that would fit my essentials, allowing me to weave between crowds, duck into narrow booth stalls or bend down to inspect a gorgeous piece of velvet fabric at the very bottom of a shelf.  I had my trusty Metier tote with me and realized with a few tweaks, it would make the perfect backpack.

Customers have been asking for a few years for a backpack, but most packs as I know them are sporty & utilitarian, covered in nylon strapping, and awkward in crowded places.

I knew I wanted a drawstring closure and skinny straps to not break the line of my clothing or cause undue attention to my chest– something that looked like I wasn’t wearing a bag at all.  I first tried with a small flap. After a few months of prototypes and a feedback from a few early-testers, I found that it was better to make the flap much larger and add a zipper.

And so I introduce to you the new Amélie, our lightly structured backpack has all the easy features you already love. Our vegan and waterproof leather is lined in extra soft Ultrasuede. What’s inside? The perfect pocket that’s not a bottomless pit.  The outer flap features a strong magnetic snap, assuring that personal items don’t spill out when you bend over.

You can choose from any of our signature colors or grab one with complimentary fabric side-paneling inspired by our love of all things vintage and textured.  The slouchy style makes for a lightweight companion that’s effortless and everyday.


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