drawing to see more clearly

drawing haystack rock at Cannon Beach, OR

I haven’t been drawing for long. With exception of occasional doodles and simple sketches, I would have emphatically declared, “Hell no, I can’t draw!”  The truth is, I never really tried.  But a strange thing happened. During a bout of serious creative block I stumbled upon the book “Creative License” by Danny Gregory  It was filled with colorful illustrations and oodles of pep talks, and starter ideas to help you get into the habit. As I tried out the exercises, the ‘critic’ part of my brain quieted into a nearly meditative state. I let go of my worries and began to draw.  Sometimes it happens in crummy awkward spurts but every time I dedicate myself to a blank piece of paper, it feels so immensely therapeutic.

Drawing helps me see more clearly.  Now, I take note of little details, patterns and textures like never before. It somehow relaxes the mental road blocks when I’m drafting patterns for  new bags.  I am a happier and more creatively satisfied person when I take the time to draw.

So tell me, what are your favorite ways to calm down, unwind or open yourself to inspiration?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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