celebrating 10 years in business – a decade of purses

celebrating 10 years in business – a decade of purses

It’s hard to believe it was 10 years ago that I quit my day job and embarked on this crazy ride. My business has grown exponentially over the years, and sometimes it’s a challenge to keep my sanity and still manage to be creative. I am fiercely independent: I draft the patterns, make the bags, answer the phone, and lovingly wrap each bag in tissue before taking it off to the post office.  I like keeping it small. And I couldn’t have done it without all of your loyal support. I have compiled a little photo montage of the highlights of the first 10 years. . .hope you enjoy it.


2001 - 2006: Crystalyn's first store: artist's collective Fotos and Frocks


2002: Crystalyn's first collection of bags made from wool plaid pants


2003: Fall collection of bags featuring vintage Mod prints


2003: Gibbous large hobo, crescent small hobo, and belt


2004: Applique beach bag, small orbit satchel and asymmetrical clutch


2004: The first Topstitched hobo, belt, wallet and Tweed Tree totes


2005: Convertible small hobo/clutch, storefront, large sash hobo


2005: Metier tote, storefront converted to studio, applique totesoiree-stoneway-wedding

2006: Introduced the Soiree, moved to Stone Way, married Aaron


2006: Monarch, Troubadour and sales trip to NYC 2007-leather-orders

2007: leather clutches, business is booming, leather pleated satchel


2008: block-printed my own fabric, rooftop purse sale, california sales trip



2009: buying our first home, Urban Craft Uprising, Phinney studio


2010: back to my roots: tweed! trunk shows at local boutiques, and a new mini-soiree



  • Mary Evans

    Dear Crystalyn,

    It’s so wonderful to receive your emails and see how well you’re doing. Mary Evans is SUCH a ubiquitous name that I don’t blame you if you can’t place me. I lived upstairs above your shop/domicile near Greenlake in Seattle starting 2003 until I (at least – we?) got a somewhat wretched landlord and moved. And then we’ve both moved and moved again.

    I will never forget when I had you over for dinner with a chicken dish and it turned out you were vegetarian! It was fine. Then you got married and I, for the life of me, can’t recall his name. Was it maybe, Aaron? I’m sorry.

    I’m writing since I always thought of you as such a sweetie, kind of maybe an extra daughter (I have a couple of ‘em) when we were neighbors. It’s been such a long time, but you are ONE advertiser (and you do a great, such a great job, of it!) that I will never unsubscribe from crystalynkae.com.

    BRAVO to you! XO,

  • Annette Kae

    LOL!!! What a trip down memory lane.
    I still remember what the store looked like the first time we saw it!!! ;-) ;-)
    You’ve come a looong way. Congratulations!
    I’m so PROUD of you!

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