People with BIG PHONES this one is for you! 🚨

People with BIG PHONES this one is for you! 🚨

So often I hear people complain about that they can't fit their large iPhone in our smallest crossbody bag. That's why we created an inch BIGGER Cha Cha bag! Now all of our Cha Cha small crossbody bags are a little bigger to accommodate your super-large phone with ease. Doing a happy dance over here!

Cha Cha bag is revamped and ready to store your BIG PHONE!

Did you hear the BIG news? If you're ready to stop carrying big purses just to fit your phone properly. Ladies with the biggest iPhone this one is especially for you! Our mission in Crystalyn Kae is to create beautiful, useful products with sustainable materials and high ethical standards for labor. Each unique bag design is driven by our creative spirit and our dedication to thoughtful manufacturing. 


What is so special about the Small Cha Cha Crossbody bag? 

Our Small Crossbody Bag is customers' favorite choice for times when you want to keep your essentials close to you and not worry about weather conditions. Thanks to it being designed for versatility and durability, Crystalyn Kae handbags are a beautiful, practical choice as a gift, and perfect for everyday use.

Handcrafted, eco-friendly handbag, designed to fit the biggest iPhone model comfortably and last a lifetime thanks to its high-quality craftsmanship. The small glazed vegan crossbody bag is perfect for travel, visiting concerts and festivals, or just the essentials to wear around town. Wear this bag over the shoulder, or across your body leaving you hands-free while on the go. Large enough to fit your phone, keys, card case, and sunglasses.

What is the best color for a crossbody bag?

Now this is tricky. This come down to your favorite color in general, your most dominant color in your wardrobe and your style preferences. It's good to know that whatever the color we at Crystalyn Kae we are committed to crafting timeless, high-quality handbags out of upcycled and sustainable materials in partnership with small-scale, ethical manufacturers in the USA.

Some of our customers favorite and most popular bag colors are featured here: 


What about the smaller Cha Cha's?

You can purchase the new bag on our official website or if you have a small phone and want to stock up on the last remaining small version of this bag (at a 50% discount) pop over to our Etsy page, which is where you’ll find the last of its kind while supplies last. We don't often send customers to our Etsy page (because we have so much more to choose from on our own site!). . .but we thought it would be the best way for us to sell the last remaining smaller-sized Cha Chas at a discount, and give our Etsy sales a bit of a boost!



What if you want to carry more stuff with you?

If that is the case and you have slightly more stuff to carry with you. For example a water bottle or an umbrella. Then meet Bossa Nova Medium Crossbody bag. Our mid-sized Bossa Nova crossbody bag is nearly twice the size of our mentioned Cha Cha crossbody bag.

What are the essentials that you carry with you daily and want to fit to your bag? Let us know in the comments

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