vegan handbag, eco-friendly, zero waste, mini cross body bag, crystalyn kae

Easy Essentials: Our Limited-Edition Crossbody Bags

Fall is a boundlessly hectic time for everyone.

The holidays keep rolling in, the seasons change in an instant, and there’s a very particular energy that sweeps over each day. Our team has been growing and the ideas flowing forth have been exhilarating.

 Building on that energy, we at Crystalyn Kae are very excited to present a new, limited- edition collection just in time for all the festive parties and holiday gift-giving coming your way.

vegan handbag, eco-friendly, zero waste, mini cross body bag, crystalyn kae

Our newest assortment has been a bit of a long time coming.  With the ever-present march of fashion always looking and moving forward, it can be overwhelming at times. We decided it was a great time to take a step back and reevaluate our core mission.

Our process is consciously slow.  Making timeless pieces in a deliberate and sustainable way is a far cry from the fast fashion that permeates the retail landscape.

We believe that there should be measured thought that goes into making a bag. A bag is one of your most personal accessories, one that requires thoughtful consideration to pack with all your day’s essentials. A bag is something that requires the perfect mix of style and functionality which can be tricky to get just right. Over the years, we have come to perfect this process.

 Therefore, with an emphasis on rich texture and variety, we remade the classic cross-body bag we introduced a year ago into four updated styles.

We present to you two beautiful variety of tweeds: a multi-colored and jewel-toned houndstooth and a speckled black-and-white print accented with a deep red zipper.

These fun prints pair perfectly with our vibrant, signature citrine in velvet and a great slate color that had us all deliberating if it was really more of a blue or a grey; funny how color works that way (blue won.)

Our two solid colors in velvet slate and citrine have a printed lining, a fun nod to our love of all things vintage and patterned.

Rest assured, the bags are eco-friendly as always and made right here in New York. 

The look is classic yet fresh; an easy essential that will fit right in with your wardrobe.  We hope you are as thrilled about them as we are and we look forward to sharing a lot of new things with you in the coming months.

Until next time,

Crystalyn Kae


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