a world-travel unisex vegan briefcase for laptops

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Loyal Crystalyn Kae customer, Deborah Jacobs recently asked me if I would create a sophisticated laptop travel bag.  As the owner of several of my bags, who travels nearly 40% of the time said:

“It is your work I admire, and makes me feel great”.  -Deborah Jacobs, World Librarian for the Gates Foundation

How could I say no to that?

The key features to include in this unisex briefcase for travel:

  1. Appearance: clean lines like the Metier tote. Not too masculine, not too feminine
  2. Hold a laptop, plus room for folders and paperwork
  3. a padded, removable laptop sleeve in a funky pattern, with zipper closure
  4. Sturdy, but flexible enough to completely flatten and pack inside a suitcase
  5. 2 large pockets on the outside, and pockets galore on the inside
  6. Straps: two short padded handles to carry the laptop bag by hand, and one long, removable crossbody shoulder strap that can attach with clips

I invited her to come visit my studio, to hammer out the details of a professional understated bag for her world travels, that would still allow her to express her funky style with peeks of vintage fabric on the inside.  

I am so pleased with how it turned out! It was immensely satisfying to create a bag that met the needs of one of my personal heroes.

What do you think? Should I make more of these? If you're a guy looking for a man bag, I'd especially love to hear from you! Please comment below, and  drop me a line if you'd like to place your order!


laptop briefcase with 1950's era vintage fabric

unisex briefcase brown vegan

padded laptop sleeve with 1950's era kitchen fruit vintage fabric

deborah jacobs, gates foundation library, briefcase bag by Crystalyn Kae

Deborah, World Library Superhero, at Brazilian Senate Library

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